Letter from the President

Welcome to Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation! For more than 65 years, Kessler Institute has worked to create an unparalleled rehabilitation environment, a unique place where treatment and technology, hope and healing come together to support the recovery of each patient.

Sue Kida, President

Today, because of our unwavering commitment to medical excellence, we are recognized as one of the world's leading rehabilitation hospitals.

I am deeply honored to represent the more than 1600 Kessler employees whose skills and expertise, combined with their understanding, kindness and compassion, have helped to set the standard of care for our field.

Our website provides important information about the rehabilitation experience at Kessler: the exceptional level of care, the scope of our services, and our leading research, education, and advocacy activities. We hope that as you come to know us, you will see the passion and dedication that underscores everything we do.

In the years ahead, we will continue to live our mission - Advancing care. Sharing Knowledge. Rebuilding Lives. And celebrating every breakthrough. We will address the complex needs of our patients and the challenges of an ever-changing health care environment. We will channel our energies, our talents and our resources to develop the most clinically effective rehabilitation programs. And we will continue to focus on our patients, for we know that it is their individual success that ultimately will determine ours.

Sue Kida