Patient Stories

"When you have faith and the support of family and friends – and a wonderful treatment team – you can do anything."

Aljean Maeweather
Stroke Patient

In the Psalms, it is written: "Make a joyful noise..." but to Aljean Maeweather that means far more than just raising her voice in song. It means lifting the spirit of everyone around her.

While driving home from a church retreat, Aljean began to feel ill and thought she was just overtired from the weekend's activities. But by the time she reached the emergency room, it was clear that something was seriously wrong.

"I couldn't walk. I had difficulty speaking. But I still didn't believe I had a stroke. If you've never been sick, you just can't understand how something like this can happen."

Usually the person people turned to for help, Aljean now needed to turn to others. She worked hard at Kessler's Center for Stroke Rehabilitation to recover her strength, mobility and, most important, her speech so that she could return her the 100-member choir at her church.

As her speech improved, she was able to begin singing again. And the more she sang, the better she was able to speak. Aljean, who now serves as president of the choir, acknowledges that when faced with adversity you need to believe in yourself.

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