Meet Our Staff

Perhaps Dr. Henry Kessler said it best:

… an institution, whether large or small, is built not merely of brick and mortar. Its strength lies in its people — qualified, dedicated people with vision and imagination, as well as understanding and compassion.

At Kessler, our employees are the foundation on which the success of our rehabilitation services continues to grow, just as it has for more than 60 years. Each of the more than 1600 men and women who work at Kessler bring a level of experience, expertise and commitment to patient care that is unmatched in our industry.

A Message From Our Chief Medical Officer

Bruce M. Gans, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation takes great pride in our entire staff of rehabilitation specialists and support personnel, particularly our medical staff. The physicians, psychologists, and other health professionals who are privileged to provide care to our patients are all highly respected in their field and are recognized as leading clinicians, educators and researchers.

When a patient is admitted to one of our hospitals, he or she has already been medically reviewed by one of our senior physicians to ensure that we are the provider that can best meet their needs and help them to achieve their rehabilitation goals. In fact, from the time of admission through discharge and beyond, our interdisciplinary teams of doctors, nurses and therapists strive to develop and deliver the optimal medical care and rehabilitation treatments to support individual progress.

We also seek to provide that treatment and the management of care in a way that is most compatible with the needs, goals and circumstances of each patient and his or her family. Identifying goals, implementing treatment plans, dealing with any problems that may arise, and working together to achieve successful outcomes is our shared objective.

As Chief Medical Officer, it is my role to assure that Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation has the very best rehabilitation professionals are here to provide the most current and most effective care to our patients. We further assure that they will they will have the resources they need to help patients to accomplish all that is possible. I am personally gratified to see that our programs and services not only achieve their objectives, but exceed the expectations of our patients and their families. Perhaps that's why Kessler continues to be recognized as one of the very top rehabilitation hospitals in the world.

I invite you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, and welcome your suggestions about how we can continue to raise the gold standard of care that we provide even higher.

Bruce M. Gans, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer