Multiple Sclerosis Management

Receiving a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or experiencing an exacerbation of this chronic, degenerative disorder can be devastating. For patients and their families, learning to live with MS is often a daunting challenge, but new treatments and compensatory strategies can help to optimize function and independence.

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation offers a unique neuropsychology-driven outpatient program that addresses the specific psychosocial and cognitive needs of persons living with MS. Our dedicated team of neurorehabilitation specialists effectively integrates evidence-based treatment with the latest medical and technological advances to help individuals manage this disease.

Our Approach

Understanding is the cornerstone of Kessler's Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Program. Our psychologists and neuropsychologists conduct an extensive clinical interview with each client, as well as a neuropsychological evaluation, if indicated, to best identify and understand the range of physical, cognitive, and emotional concerns. This comprehensive assessment process will help determine the combination of services that will best meet the individual's needs.

The program includes three major components:

  • Psychoeducational Support Group Services
    The focus of these services is to create a greater awareness - and indeed, an understanding - of the many changes that an individual with MS might experience. The small group sessions, facilitated by a psychologist, are held for 8 consecutive weeks and topics include:

    • Mind/body interaction
    • Adjusting to your changing self
    • Managing MS-related fatigue
    • Loss, grief and spirituality
    • Communication and relationships
    • Coping mechanisms
    • Stress management
    • Cognitive challenges

    The program is geared to helping clients:

    • set realistic functional goals
    • enhance and build on personal strengths
    • address complex emotional challenges
    • utilize the support systems available to them
    • establish a new and/or renewed sense of self and of one's family structure

    In addition, individual and family counseling is available to further support our clients' needs.

  • Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Services
    These highly specialized services are designed to assist the client in identifying and targeting specific cognitive functions known to be affected in MS, such as memory and problem solving. Using evidence-based methodologies, Kessler's clinicians provide compensatory strategies to improve cognition and develop the skills that enable individuals to effectively manage daily activities.
  • Medical and Therapy Rehabilitation Services
    Kessler's MS Rehabilitation Program draws on the expertise of the team to identify the need for physical, occupational and/or speech therapy, as well as the services of a Kessler physiatrist, a board-certified physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Progress is carefully monitored and treatment plans are updated accordingly.

Specialized Services

To support the changing needs of our clients, Kessler offers a wide range of specialized services, including:

For More Information

For more information about Kessler's MS Program, contact or call Kessler's West Orange, Saddle Brook or Chester Campus.