Spina Bifida Management

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, one of the nation's leading providers of comprehensive physical medicine and rehabilitation services, now offers adults with spina bifida a highly specialized, integrated approach to care.

Kessler's Spina Bifida Services, under the direction of Chief Medical Officer Bruce M. Gans, M.D., draws on the clinical expertise and professional experience of a dedicated team of medical and rehabilitation specialists to address the many complex physical, psychological, social and vocational issues individuals face. It is a unique program that seeks to coordinate treatment and facilitate care for adults with spina bifida.

  • Medical Care
    Kessler's team of physiatrists (physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation), nurses and therapists tailor services to individual needs and goals. With extensive experience in caring for both children and adults with neural tube defects, all aspects of preventive health, functional needs and current medical problem-solving are addressed.
  • Urology Services
    Under the direction of Todd A. Linsenmeyer, M.D., who is uniquely triple board certified in urology, physical medicine and spinal cord injury, Kessler will evaluate and monitor urinary status and bowel conditions to help individuals maintain the highest level of function and personal hygiene. Questions and concerns regarding sexuality and reproductive health may also be addressed.
  • Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy
    Kessler's licensed physical and occupational therapists provide the exercise and treatments prescribed by the physiatrist to help patients with spina bifida achieve individual goals in such areas as mobility, flexibility, balance and strength.
  • Wheelchair & Seating
    Physical and occupational therapists and wheelchair technicians assess each patient's positioning and seating needs to prescribe seating systems that will promote optimal posture, respiratory function and skin integrity, and serve as a platform to facilitate the ability to perform daily activities. This may include computerized pressure mapping to determine proper cushioning and prevent skin breakdown.
  • Bracing & Orthotics
    Comprehensive bracing services are available for those individuals who need adjustments, replacements or revisions in their orthotics.
  • Skin & Wound Management
    Kessler's medical and nursing team offers care for treating and/or preventing skin breakdown, which can often lead to serious complications.
  • Psychology Services
    Strategies on dealing with the emotional and social impact of spina bifida are offered by Kessler's psychologists in both the individual and group setting.
  • Diet & Nutritional Guidance
    Dietitians are available to recommend a nutritional program to help individuals maintain their weight, strength and general health.
  • Pain Management
    Kessler's clinical team can help individuals manage the painful conditions that develop and/or increase during the aging process, such joint stress, muscle atrophy, and arthritis.
  • Vocational Counseling
    A Kessler vocational counselor is available to work with individuals to explore job opportunities compatible with his/her abilities, education level and personal goals.
  • Driver Rehabilitation
    Individuals able to master the skills necessary to drive a car or a specially adapted vehicle will undergo extensive evaluation and on-road training from Kessler's certified driving instructors.

For more information about Kessler's Spina Bifida program or to schedule an appointment, please contact Outpatient Services at 973.243.6943 or our Scheduling Department at 973.243.6999.

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