Event Date: 2/7/2024, 3/7/2024, 6/25/2024, 8/27/2024, 10/12/2024 Virtual Webinar

Introduction to Stroke (101) Workshop

This virtual webinar offers RN, PT/PTA, OT/OTA the fundamentals of stroke rehabilitation. This introductory course provides a brief review of the key concepts from the Stroke 101 eLearning course. The course also provides an overview of the integral role of communication among the transdisciplinary team in improving patient outcomes after stroke. This is done through the use of a case study and collaborative, facilitated discussions among the full group of participants. Principles of neuroplasticity and motor learning are explored and then the course is divided into breakout groups for therapy and nursing. The breakout groups utilize the case study and videos to outline assessment and early interventions for optimizing recovery from stroke. Participants are brought back together for a final large group discussion of lessons learned from breakouts and how they can further collaborate across disciplines in team conference and in discharge planning.


Virtual webinar



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