Jasmine's Story

Jasmine standing in front of a Kessler logo sign in the hospital holding a wooden transfer board.

Jasmine Robinson, a single mother, was on her way to drop her three-year-old daughter Vanessa at the sitter and head to work as a customer service associate for a national convenience store chain when a car accident suddenly turned their world upside down.

Jasmine was rushed to Cooper Memorial Hospital with multiple, complex fractures to both her arms and legs. She underwent several surgeries to repair the broken bones. Although she was in great pain, she thought only of her daughter who fortunately had not been injured and was with family members.

She slowly began to heal and two weeks later was transferred to Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation – Marlton campus. “Because of my injuries I was unable to walk or do anything on my own ... I couldn’t wash myself, go to the bathroom, brush my hair or teeth or put on my own clothing, let alone take care of my daughter. I knew Kessler could help me be normal and independent,” she said.

Working with Kessler’s physician-led team of rehabilitation nurses, therapists and other specialists, Jasmine focused on building her strength and skills through treatment tailored to her needs and goals. She participated in three hours of physical and occupational therapies a day and credits her team for her progress, saying, “They helped me build muscle in my upper body and that allowed me to sit up on my own and get washed and dressed. I think my breakthrough moment was when I did my first wheelchair push-up. Before the accident, I had no upper body strength whatsoever, so it meant a lot when I could lift my weight with my own two arms.”

Jasmine’s family was a constant source of support, helping her stay positive as she worked hard to reach her goals. She admits she learned that she’s a lot stronger than she ever thought, both physically and emotionally. She also advises others going through challenges like hers to “trust the people who are working with you. They’re pushing you for a reason ...it will make you a stronger individual and help you achieve more.”

After five weeks, Jasmine was prepared to go home, but not before expressing her gratitude to her Kessler team. “This rehabilitation hospital is filled with the most caring people! My nurses, aides, physical/occupational therapists helped me do things that I thought I would never be able to do again.” And although she still had a ways to go, she’s ready to move forward with Vanessa and her family by her side.